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This FOAM site is inspired by the hard working Emergency Medicine care provider who is the frontline, the workhorse, the crisis manager, the critical decision maker and the lifesaver that makes a hospital function, a community thrive and an individual to live once more. Despite the fortitude of withstanding the influx of patients, a single medical mishap can break this fragile practice and can cripple the patient’s life. Amidst all uncertainties, the emergency care provider lives on the challenges unique to the field of emergency medicine. Hats off to your dedication and perseverance! - Harry Elizaga FACEM, ED Staff Specialist BMDH

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Emergency Factsheets (ECI)
Ciap Resources (off site log in required)/ MIMS online (ciap log in required)
Royal Children’s Guidelines (RCH)
Drug Infusions (Alfred Health)
Drug Search / Renal Dose Adjustment (GlobalRPh)
Medical Calculator (MDcalc)

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This is a links site where the best EM on line information converge in an organized platform. We acknowledge the value of a free and open-access education. We support the dissemination of evidence-based medicine. Through robust information broadcasting, we hope to provide the best and up-to-date care for our patients and reduce the variation in emergency medical practice. Knowledge empowerment has never been this close, it’s just a click away. Enjoy and share free education on line!


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